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Ice Cream - Dairy delight

Welcome to abe’s Ice Cream


Abe’s Frozen Desserts Inc.

ABE’S FROZEN DESSERTS INC. is a leading Canadian company in the food line of producing the finest Kosher Dairy Ice Cream and Non-Dairy ‘Parvelicious’ & frozen Desserts.


The ‘ABES’ brand name for kosher quality ice cream and frozen desserts bears its symbol  

since 1979, established by the Company AW PRODUCTS INC.

In 2011 ABE’S FROZEN DESSERTS INC. have taken over its operations, increased the line of its unique products, and build a network of vendors throughout Canada and the US, serving over 80,000 costumers with its finest Kosher Products, and more to come.

Ice Cream

ABE’S FROZEN DESSERTS INC. is the only company that produces strictly Kosher Dairy ‘Halav Israel’ ice cream in Canada.


When we say Strictly Kosher we mean it, as our milk is "Chalav-Yisroel". i.e. An Orthodox Rabbinical kosher supervision who tends a supervisor all throughout the entire process of milking the cows, start from choosing the healthy cows as defined Kosher, to the packaging of the milk, and throughout the entire production of the Ice cream, to insure the highest standards of Kosher Procedures as required by Orthodox rabbinical standards.


And at the same time, we serve our costumers a product that was produced with Canadian Milk that is known with its premium high-qualities.

Non-Dairy Ice cream - Parvelicious

At first Abe’s started making Kosher ice cream, At the time they quickly realized the need and demand of a non-dairy dessert just like Ice cream. Abe’s was the first and still is the best to defined and create a Dessert that’s just like Ice cream, but completely Non- Dairy. With the same smoothness, creamy texture and rich mouth savor that will stay. ​When they simply replaced all the dairy main ingredients components with other simple good healthy nutritional ingredients, for example, they replaced the milk with eggs and vegetable fat. And gave birth to the product that is called ‘Parvelicious’.

Health and Allergies

ABE’S FROZEN DESSERTS INC. is the Only Kosher Halav-Israel Ice cream company that produce its products in a certified Gluten free and Nut free facility. And produces a full line of Sugar-Free and Lactose free products. 


ABE’S YorGood®, is a 100% dairy-free dessert just like frozen Yogurt, is an irresistibly smooth and creamy non-dairy frozen dessert, that serves the indulgence and some of the health benefits offered by yogurt along with added live and active probiotics.


It means a lot for the clients and children who are suffering and unable to enjoy Dairy Desserts, when the whole family is – since they have severe allergies, or lactose intolerance and the vegetarian population. There is strong demand for ‘Parve’– non-dairy products.

Enjoy ABES!!



Sugar free


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